Winning Women in the West Wing

With the rumor mill of 2016 presidential hopefuls picking up speed, and some influential female leaders among the chatter, we thought it appropriate to feature our favorite TV power ladies taking on the nation’s capital.

Recently nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actress Primetime Emmy, Kerry Washington has been kicking butt and taking names as Olivia Pope on Scandal. This fiercely sharp and well-connected “fixer” in Washington heads an elite crisis management team. Her secret past affair with the President catches up with her at every corner as she cunningly plays the system to protect her clients from legal nightmares.  Pope is the epitome of a no-nonsense woman that knows what she wants and how to get it – “lose” is not a word in her vocabulary. 

Although Commander in Chief ran just one season, Geena Davis took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a drama series for her fantastic portrayal of President Mackenzie Allen.  When the current president unexpectedly dies from an aneurysm, Allen, then vice president, suddenly becomes the leader of the free world.  She is forced to quickly prove her prowess and strengthen her support from her constituents as she copes with many new stresses, including the toll on her personal life.  Allen’s character demonstrates inspiring determination and willpower at every turn throughout the season. 

One of the most beloved characters in the world of political TV by fans, C.J. Cregg was masterfully played by Allison Janney on The West Wing.  While playing the role, Allison picked up a SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor and two Primetime Emmys for Best Lead Actress to boot!  As we watched her transition from Press Secretary to Chief of Staff, we admired Cregg’s witty and strong-willed nature, as well as her endless devotion to her job and to her President.  

Taking home an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress, Cherry Jones played President Allison Taylor on action-packed seasons seven and eight of 24.  President Taylor was an idealistic and aspirational leader, even turning in her own daughter in order to uphold her commitment to the constitution.  President Taylor was never afraid to take action and do what was best for her nation throughout her role in the series.  We really loved the dichotomy between her tough exterior and the sensitivity she exudes in her personal relationships.

You may not be able to predict who will win office in 2016, but you certainly can have your own viewing party watching all of these wonderfully talented women dominate the fictional political scene with the help of Television Fanatic!